Donate by Shopping - Continuous Fundraiser

We realize that due to the economy, it might be difficult for you to give this year or as much as you
would want to.

We have looked at different fundraising options and found a way where you can help the church pain
free and save money yourself.

Get paid to shop with MA Cashback

Receive 2% to 35% cashback for every qualified purchase you make on the site. On any personal
referrals, you’ll also make ½% cash back on their qualifying purchases.

Shampoo, conditioner, household cleansers, health & beauty supplies and much, much more….ITEMS

Pain Free giving, buying what you want or need at the same time donating to you Church. Everyone

The Web Portal consists of:

- Unlimited shopping (of you prefer to shop in a store, order a gift card online)
- Quick, accurate product & content search (compare prices)
- Hundreds of exclusive MA brands & products
- Custom Nutrition Services
- Over 3,000 partner stores & 40 million products (ex: Walmart, Macy’s & Target…)
- And much, much MORE!

We can answer all your questions, please call or click onto contact us. Your customer manager is BrendaBaylis 781-307-1605 – Start receiving cash back on your purchases TODAY!