Marriage Preparation(Pre-Cana)

To enter into a Catholic marriage is to begin life together with another you to communicate with each other your ideas, feelings, attitudes and person in total irrevocable and uncompromising commitment. Such a bond endures to death.

Obviously, such permanency must then be considered with the utmost seriousness on the part of the two people who wish to marry and the priest or deacon who will witness this bond in the Church. Therefore, I ask that you couples reflect upon certain basic elements of the Catholic Marriage:

- Some elements of marriage: sexuality, communication, work, patience and hope.
- Characteristics of the Catholic marriage: faithfulness, love, conscience, children,
- And the Catholic teachings on divorce.
- Consideration of some problems: finances, lack of dialogue, boredom, addiction.
- Life of the couple within the Church: prayer, sacraments, gifts of the Church to the couple, couple’s responsibility to the Church.

In order to facilitate your reflections regarding this very serious lifelong commitment to one another, a marriage preparation program is being offered to you which is mandatory for all couples considering marriage in the Catholic Church.

Couples celebrate their marriage as a sacrament for life. The Church is concerned for the sacredness of the sacrament. It is important that couples believe in God’s love and learn to see their marriage as a sign of God’s love as well. (Unfortunately, some think of the Church as a necessary pit stop on the way to the reception.)

Since marriage is a lifetime commitment, the Church wishes to free you for awhile from the pressures of wedding preparations. That way, you can step back and take a serious look at yourselves as individuals and as partners in a lasting relationship.

This is a unique chance because the course will be an opportunity for

expectations of your life together. I trust that you will give serious thought to taking part in this program.

If you want to register for the Marriage preparation course (Pre-Cana) kindly call
Deacon Joe at 781-289-1234 Ext.20